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David Ng brings to an organization 24+ years of broad industry and international exposure, gained through working in challenging start-ups and respected MNCs as an executive in leadership roles.  His experience has covered global and regional positions, based out of Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Sydney, with a focus on Emerging Markets.  His interest in holistic performance management has led him to establish Authentic Solutions LLP, which focuses on delivering Authentic Performance Solutions to forward-thinking companies, executives and entrepreneurs across markets and industries.

As an Executive Coach and Business Consultant, David enjoys working hand-in-hand with start-up companies and executives to synthesize their values, capabilities, positioning and priorities to improve focus, productivity and impact.  The process is delivered with reference to a variety of coaching models, supplemented by continuous alignment to company and individual priorities. 

David’s Coaching and Advisory experience encompasses individuals in a variety of industries at MNCs and start-ups.   His corporate career as a consultant, coach and finance executive has covered various industries as a Director and CFO at a regional and global level including Pharmaceuticals, Media, Consumer Products, Intellectual Property, Investment Banking and the Accounting profession. He has worked in senior roles at Invida, Viacom, Mediaedge:cia, Bankers Trust and Andersen in addition to various start-ups.

He holds an MBA and Master of Economics (Accounting) from Macquarie University, a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney and is an associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.  He is also a graduate of  CoachU, an associate of the Singapore Institute of Management and for coaching assignments, he fully subscribes to the ethical and professional standards promulgated by the International Coaching Federation. 

E-mail:  Phone: +65 8127 7386


Coaching Services:

A Coaching relationship with David is targeted at supplementing the talent management support given to High Performing Executives at forward-thinking companies and Entrepreneurs who wish to fulfil their potential.  With David’s financial and corporate background, his coaching services are differentiated by being able to access a career that has spanned geographies, industries, start-ups and MNCs, with a strong financial and commercial context.

With an appropriately matched Coach, a Coachee will have an additional, dedicated resource that will enhance the Coachee’s focus and impact via a process-orientated approach delivered through regular scheduled meetings.

Advisory Services:

  • Interim CFO/CXO contracts – Start-Ups & SMEs /  Merger Integration  / Transformations
  • Corporate Financial Reviews – short and long range Strategic Planning / Disruptive Thinking  / Investigations & Forensic
  • Revenue Portfolio Reviews – Profiling / Optimisation  / Pricing
  • M&A Advice – Targeting / Origination / Valuation / Execution / Integration
  • Board Advice – Governance / Strategy / Shareholder liaison / Investigations
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