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Strategy Execution from a strong financial foundation, in step with all key internal and market based factors summarises the core of our expertise.  Balancing strategic intent and positioning with executional realities, limited resources, leadership & organisational dynamics and long term stakeholder considerations addresses our key factor considerations.

Executive profiles – David Ng Ph.D, MBA, BEc, CA


David Ng brings to an organization 30+ years of broad industry and international exposure, gained through working in challenging start-ups and respected MNCs as an executive in CFO leadership, Coach, Mentor and Advisory roles. His experience has covered global and regional positions, based out of Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Sydney, with a focus on Emerging Markets. 

His interest in holistic performance management through Authentic Solutions LLP focuses on delivering Authentic Performance Solutions to forward-thinking companies, executives and entrepreneurs across markets and industries. David blends a detailed execution orientation with a holistic and cross functional approach to finance gained from his foundation in the accounting profession, investment banking and as a corporate CFO with strong capital markets and business operations experience. 

David has a strong global network across his service lines to ensure the best talent and knowledge is at hand where a networked solution is best for any aspect of an engagement.

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