Contract CFO / CXO


  1. Contract / Interim CFO / CXO
  2. Capital raising - prospectus, modeling
  3. M&A advice - target, originate, valuation, execution, integration
  4. Board Advice – Governance / Strategy / Shareholder liaison / Investigations

Executive Coaching


  A Coaching relationship with David is targeted at supplementing the talent management support given to High Performing C-Level Executives at forward-thinking companies, Government officers and Entrepreneurs. His coaching services are differentiated by being able to access a career that has spanned geographies, industries, start-ups and MNCs, with a strong financial, commercial, executional and governance context. 



  • Financial Reviews – short and long range Strategic Planning / Disruptive Thinking / Investigations & Forensic accounting
  • Revenue Portfolio Reviews – Profiling / Optimisation / Pricing / Value-chain analysis